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January 13th to 20th, 2020 

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This is United Space School


“Space, the final frontier” This is a phrase repeated by a huge amount of people. But how much truth is there in this phrase? Does it have an actual meaning? What is it trying to say? Frontiers most of the time are synonymous with limitations. Limiting the territories of a nation, limiting the actions and capabilities of human beings. However space is not a limitation but a challenge.

Humans have always been very fond of challenges. In our efforts to overcome this challenge we have achieved many awesome things. We have brought nations, which years before were bitter enemies, together. We have achieved tremendous technological advances, like camera phones and portable computers both of these derived from space exploration technology. We have created technology capable of purifying water, helping millions. Imagine the things that we will be able to do in another 60 years of space exploration. Imagine the benefits that this could bring for humanity. It's because of all this and more, that space shouldn’t be considered a frontier but an opportunity. An opportunity to bring humanity together and together defeat this challenge.

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